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n Ayurvedic formulation containing Suvarna Bhasma as one of its important ingredient is called Suvarnakalpa. Suvarna i.e. Gold is desired by every human for many centuries. The desire is not only for its ornamental or commercial value but also because of its great medicinal value by which it increases strength and immunity. Suvarna also helps nourish brain cells, improves memory and rids the body of deleterious toxins.


Ashuddha Suvarna if consumed hinders vitality and causes ailments but Shuddha Suvarna obtained after Shodhan process is like Nectar. Further Maran or Bhasmikaran with Parad makes the Suvarna Bhasma of the Highest Quality. Shree Dhootapapeshwar Ltd. takes care to standardize the Suvarna Bhasma prepared. This Suvarna Bhasma is tested both on modern as well as Ayurvedic parameters so as to standardize its safety and efficacy. Suvarna Bhasma prepared at Shree Dhootapapeshwar Ltd. is found to be free from Acute Toxicity and is undoubtedly safe. It has been certified on assay to be 99.66 percent pure at National Refinery. Shree Dhootapapeshwar Ltd. – Suvarna Bhasma is also found to be safe and free from any undue toxicity by UDCT [UICT], Mumbai.


Such a quality standardized Suvarna Bhasma is used along with other best quality standardized Bhasmas and other ingredients to give Suvarnakalpas which are Quality Standardized, safe and efficacious. As water finds it difficult to remain on Lotus leaf in the same way the disease too finds it difficult to stay in a body under treatment with Suvarnakalpa.

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