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Ayush Kwath 30 Tablets

Ayush Kwath 30 Tablets

Ayush Kwath

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Ayush Kwath, which has been suggested by Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, to boost immunity, is being made available by Shree Dhootapapeshwar Ltd. by trade name of Ayush Kwath Tablet. We have made this medicine available in form of dispersible tablets. The ingredients of Ayush Kwath Tablets, along with improving the immunity also help to prevent accumulation of Kapha in the organs related to respiratory system such as nose, throat, bronchi etc. These ingredients help to improve the functions of digestive system, which in turn helps to increase the strength of body by proper digestion of ingested food.

Improves immunity

Each 500 mg tablet contains Tulasi Patra 222.2 mg, Twak 111.1 mg, Shunthi 111.1 mg, Marich 55.6 mg, preservative: Sodium benzoate.

1 to 6 tablets twice a day. Dose should be decided as per Bala (strength). Please consult your Ayurved physician to know the exact dose for yourself.

Procedure for preparation -
Put one tablet in a small glass containing boiled water (150ml) and stir till the tablet completely dissolves and drink just like tea. Draksha (raisin) juice, lemon juice or jaggery can be added as per taste. Ayurved does not advice adding honey to any hot beverage.

Net Quantity:  30 Tablets