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Drakshovin Special 330ml

Drakshovin Special 330ml

Improves digestion, promotes strength, relives stress

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Drakshovin Special is an excellent invigorating & restorative tonic with combined properties of Drakshasava, Ashwagandharishta & Saraswatarishta. It is a powerful appetizer and digestive. Drakshovin Special helps boost memory and improve concentration. It nourishes body tissues and promotes vigor and vitality. With unique combination of potent ingredients like Draksha, Ashwagandha & Brahmi, Drakshovin Special is an effective health tonic for all age groups.

Agnimandya, Ajeerna, Adhman, Pandu, Debility, Kasa, Shwasa, Rajayakshma, Karshya.

Each 10 ml contains:
Draksha 195 mg, Brahmi 108 mg, Shatavari 160 mg, Ashwagandha 150 mg, Vidarikanda 134 mg, Haritaki 134 mg, Usheera, Shatapushpa, Ardrak each 108 mg, Shunthi 105 mg, Arjuntwak, Daruharidra each 27 mg, Yashtimadhu, Haridra, Musta each 27 mg, Manjishtha, Rasna each 27 mg, Nishottar 20 mg, Chitrak, Shwetachandan each 20 mg, Raktachandan, Shwetasariva each 20 mg, Krishnasariva, Vacha each 20 mg, Nagkeshar, Sukshma Ela each 15 mg, Vidanga 5 mg, Tamalpatra, Maricha each 10 mg, Bharangamoola 7 mg, Lavang 5 mg Bibhitak, Guduchi each 5 mg, Kushtha, Renukabeej each 5 mg.

3 to 4 teaspoonful (15 to 20 ml) twice a day with equal quantity of water or as directed by the Physician.

Net Quantity:  330 ml, 700 ml