Vaidya Seva
We count on your continued patronage. Help us serve you better.
Vaidya Seva
We count on your continued patronage. Help us serve you better.

About Vaidya Seva

Since 1872, Shree Dhootapapeshwar Limited has always taken pride in serving the Ayurved Vaidya fraternity with Authentic, Standardised, Safe and Efficacious Ayurved medicine.

Our bond with Ayurved Vaidya has been age old, as we would deliver the medicine directly to Vaidyas through Post parcel. Through the ages, we have evolved and adopted newer strategies in service, manufacturing and quality assurance. Our evolution continues and with this communication we take great pleasure in introducing yet another initiative – Vaidya Seva, a specialised channel of direct supply to Ayurved clinics.

As an Ayurved Vaidya, you have always been our focus. An Ayurved Vaidya is not a simple Upbhokta Consumer.. In fact, you are Vidnyata, Shasita, Yokta. The timeless element of tradition continued resides with you and is reflected in your practice. The very important aspect of cure is delivered at your hands. We intend to arm your clinic with timely availability of a vast range of medicines which may not always find fancy in trade channels. Its time we interacted directly, its time we served you better.

Exclusive Products

Maha Swarna Brahma Yog


Maha Swarna Brahma Yog is a dispersible tablet prepared for Swarna Prashan. The product is recommended for children of age group two years to sixteen years.

Maha Swarna Yog


Maha Swarna Yog is dispersible tablet which provides precise dose of 2mg standardized swarna bhasma in each swarna prashan administration.

Hemagarbha Pottali


"Hemagarbha Pottali" is a well-known Pottali Kalpa for its use in disorders of advanced disease conditions of Pranavaha Srotas like Kasa, Shwasa and Kshaya.

Abhragarbha Pottali


Abhragarbha Pottali is useful in disorders specially related to Pranavaha Srotas like Kasa, Shwasa and Kshaya. It can be given in a smaller dose along with other medicines to enhance their action on Pranavaha Srotas.


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